Steps to Request New, Temporary or Modified Service

We're here to help

If you have questions about extending electric or water facilities to your development, please contact us:

Electric: or 541-685-7521 

Water: or 541-685-7377

We understand that your project may have many moving parts and it can be difficult to track details. This guide is designed to help you navigate EWEB's electric extension or modification process so that we can collaborate and efficiently manage your project to completion.

Steps in the Process

1. Start your project

The first step in getting new electric or water service or changing or upgrading your current electric or water service is to apply for a building permit:

Once your building permit has been issued, complete our new service request form and a load info sheet for residential or commercial.  If you are requesting electric temporary service, please review the applicable standards and procedures prior to the temporary service equipment construction.

Your project is entered into our design work queue after we receive a deposit payment, all necessary forms and any requested project information. We commit design resources and delivery schedule based on a first-come, first-served basis. 

Requesting water service?

Please attach a backflow requirements letter to your new service request.  

If you request a meter 1 1/2 inches and larger, you will receive a backflow requirements plans letter from a water engineering technician. After we have verified all of the information provided on your request, you will receive a call from one of our engineering technicians within two business days.  

You may also call EWEB Buildings and Renovation at 541-685-7086 to request your new or temporary service.  

2. Design and plan review

An EWEB engineering technician will collaborate with you on project design and timeline, ensuring the project meets EWEB construction requirements and standards.

3. Construction

Once the design is completed, final payment is made and inspections are approved, your project will be scheduled with our construction crew.

What you can expect

Timing: Projects are prioritized by date received; you can have confidence we will not jump other projects ahead of yours.

Dedicated Engineering Technician: Your assigned Engineering Technician will see your project through from start to finish.

Regular Communication: This will help ensure your project progresses smoothly and can effectively manage things like changes in design or schedule.

Contractor leaning on a table looking at blueprints

To take full advantage of the process and avoid delays/additional costs to your project, please make sure that all steps are complete.

    • Submit Load Information Sheet, New Service Request form, site plans and other project documentation to obtain an estimate for the work

    • Sign Electric Extension and Modification Agreement (provided by EWEB) and pay 10% of estimate or $500, whichever is greater

    • Once your project is assigned, meet with Engineering Technician to review project design, project timeline, EWEB construction requirements and EWEB standards

    • Pay the final cost (less the deposit) within 30 days of receiving the final design and project cost

    • Schedule a pre-construction meeting with EWEB prior to beginning any of the work

    • Have your contractor install electric facilities to meet EWEB Electric and Construction Standards

  • Schedule and coordinate EWEB-related inspections and construction with EWEB Electric Operations staff

To keep the project queue focused and streamlined, projects will be canceled if there is no activity for six months.