Electric Distribution Standards & Procedures

ALERT: Material Shortages and Supply Chain Disruptions are Causing Delays

At EWEB we depend on a variety of goods and services to provide safe, reliable, and affordable water and power to customers throughout our community. Ongoing material shortages across the globe are impacting supply chains that provide those goods and services.

EWEB is very concerned about our ability to meet timelines for electric and water construction projects. In particular, we are running severely low on a few types of transformers that are necessary to complete certain projects. Although we don't want to cause alarm, we do think that customers need to prepare accordingly.

If your project is currently in design or close to construction and you have questions around this, please contact the engineering technician assigned to your project. If you are planning a project with EWEB or are currently waiting in the queue for a project and have questions about your situation, contact our Distribution Design Team to discuss how your project may be affected. Call 541-685-7521 or email distributionengineering@eweb.org.

Learn more about shortages.

Standards are for reference only. All new extension or modifications require an approved design and a preconstruction meeting with EWEB prior to installation.

Need more information on how to get a design? Contact us at distributionengineering@eweb.org or 541-685-7521 or Click here: Request New, Temporary or Modified Service

Electric Service Requirements

EC5B1000 Underground service conduit and conductor requirements (most commonly used)
EC5B1200 Permanent underground service on customer owned meter pedestal 200 amp and below
EC5B1300 Permanent overhead service on customer owned service pole 320 amp and below
EC5B1500 Overhead service requirements
EC5B3000 Temporary service requirements

Design standards

ED510400 Working clearances around padmounted equipment
ED510500 Padmount transformer placement clearances from structures
ED510800 Bollard placement requirements for padmounted equipment

Customer responsibility

EC4A0800 Pole attachment requirements for enclosures and pole dip service riser for telecommunications and joint users
EC5A0500 Customer requirements vegetation management for underground systems
EC4A8000 Communication antenna installation guidelines
EC5A8000 Interconnection requirements for customer generation facilities of less than 200 KW
EC5A9000 Vault room requirements for indoor transformer installation


EC575500 Metering requirements for services larger than 200 AMPS up to and including 800 AMPS
EC576000 Metering requirements for services 801 AMPS and larger

Pole dips substructures

EC511700 Schedule 80 PVC primary pole dip substructures 2", 3" and 5"
EC512000 Schedule 40 PVC secondary pole dip substructures 2", 3" and 5"
EC512300 Schedule 80 PVC secondary pole dip substructures 2", 3" and 5"

Vault/boxes and lids

EC520100 Required minimum feeder, primary and secondary/service conductor makeup length for vaults and secondary boxes
EC520200 Traffic bearing polymer secondary box and lid
EC520400 Above grade secondary box and lid
EC520500 Non traffic bearing secondary box and lid, non traffic bearing drainage box and lid
EC520600 4'8" X 4'8" X 4' concrete vault and 4'8" X 4'8" lid with 1'9" X 2'1" opening
EC520900 3'6" X 3'2" fiberglass padmount trans. vault - curb sidewalk
EC521100 4'8" X 4'8" X 4' concrete vault with 4'8" X 4'8" X 6", 5' X 5' X 6", 4'8" X 4'8" X 4" and 5' X 5' X 4" concrete lids
EC521400 4'8" X 4'8" X 4' concrete vault and three phase padmount transformer lids
EC521700 Concrete solid lids and inset rings, 5' X 5' X 6" with 4'8" X 4'8" X 4' concrete vault
EC522000 4'8" X 4'8" X 6" and 4'8" X 4'8" X 1' concrete riser section
EC522100 4'8" X 7' X 6" and 4'8" X 7' X 1' concrete riser section
EC522300 7'11" X 13' X 8'7" concrete vault for large padmount transformers
EC522600 7'11" X 13' X 8'7" concrete manhole vault with 2'10" opening
EC522700 4'8" X 7' X 4' concrete vault and lid 4'8" X 7' X 4' and (SE-3) sectionalizing lid
EC522900 7'11" X 13' X 8'7" concrete vault for padmount switch
EC523500 3'2" X 2'4" fiberglass vault for SE-1 sectionalizing enclosure
EC529500 Approved manufacturers list for electrical boxes, vaults and lids


EC530500 Grounding detail for single phase padmount transformer vaults and SE-1 fiberglass vault
EC530800 Grounding detail primary installation 4'8" X 4'8" vault
EC531100 Grounding detail commercial padmount transformer installation
EC531700 Ground rod detail 7'11" X 13' vault
EC532000 Ground wire detail 7'11" X 13' X 8'7" switch vault
EC532300 Grounding detail padmount transformer vault
EC532600 Grounding detail 4'8" X 7' vault
EC532900 Alternate grounding detail transformer or vault


EC592600 3.5" OD X 7'-0" screw type bollard post 8" helix, 6.625" OD X 6'-0" powder coated safety yellow, steel bollard post, sleeve for removable bollard post

General construction

GC520100 Typical trench under or behind sidewalk
GC520400 Typical trench in planting strip
GC521000 Typical trench detail setback transformer with trench in P.U.E.
GC521500 Typical street crossing
GC521600 Typical secondary and water meter box with trench in R/W
GC521900 Typical secondary and water meter box setback sidewalk with trench in P.U.E.
GC522600 Typical residential padmount transformer box details
GC522900 Typical commercial padmount transformer vault details
GC523500 Stormwater management facility crossing requirements
GC523600 Mandreling and cleaning of conduit
GC523900 Conduit detail entering and exiting concrete vaults
GC528500 Temporary steel plating, core cutting and manhold vault frame and cover adjustment, requirements for traffic area grade changes
GC529000 Typical 7'11" X 13' X 8'7" concrete manhole vault installation requirements

Underground material specifications

ES521100 Concrete vaults, lids and riser sections
ES522100 Sidewalk inset rings for concrete lids
ES551100 Deadfront padmounted switchgear - 15KV
ES551500 Padmounted Automatic Transfer Switch - 15KV
ES561100 Single phase submersible transformers
ES561200 Three phase submersible transformers
ES561300 Three phase network transformers
ES561310 Automatic network protector
ES561500 Single phase padmounted transformers
ES561600 Three phase padmounted transformers
ES581100 Jacketed EPR insulated power cable - 15KV
ES581150 Underground secondary conductors 600 volt
ES591100 Schedule 40 and 80 PVC conduit and fittings
ES591500 DB-120 PVC conduit

Overhead material specifications

ES431100 Pole mounted transformers
ES463100 Distribution cutout
ES481100 Wood poles
ES485100 Wood crossarms
ES491100 Riser pole surge arrester

Overhead guying and anchoring

EC421200 Single 5/16" customer installed guy/anchor kit

Electric manufacturers procedures for submitting material for approval

EC4B2000 Electric manufacturers procedures for submitting material for approval
EC4B3000 Electric standards material evaluation form

Street Lights

EC6-1.1000 Street Light installation requirements