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  • Firewood program in Blue River helps Holiday Farm Fire survivors stay warm

    An EWEB-supported program provides firewood for people affected by the 2020 Holiday Farm Fire. The McKenzie Firewood program was developed by Pure Water Partners (PWP) in 2021.

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  • EWEB electric and water crews support other utilities through mutual aid agreement

    At EWEB, we do what we can to help others in need. That’s been the reality for several of our electric and water crews over the past few weeks as we’ve responded to mutual aid requests for storm response and drinking water restoration, locally, and out of state.

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  • When the water main breaks, EWEB crews are ready

    EWEB has 800 miles of transmission and distribution lines transporting your drinking water underground throughout the city. It eventually comes out of your tap as delicious thirst-quenching water. But what goes into maintaining all those pipes? And what happens when one gets a leak? We went to find out.

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  • EWEB helps rural water utility by donating equipment and staff expertise

    In response to a call for aid this week, EWEB’s water division jumped into action to assist the town of Mapleton after a leak in their water system left about 260 homes without running water.

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  • Eugene elementary students release salmon back to the wild

    At Alton Baker Park this week, Eugene 4J elementary students bid farewell to baby salmon they’d raised from eggs in their classrooms this fall. The activity was part of the Salmon Education Program funded by EWEB grants.

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Water main break restricts Broadway/Hilyard intersection

August 16, 2019

A broken water main at the intersection of East Broadway and Hilyard Street will severely restrict traffic movements at the intersection,  so drivers should avoid the area and seek alternate routes.

EWEB crews are in the process of repairing the break, but the work continue through Friday evening.

Northbound Hilyard approaching the intersection is reduced to one lane north of East 11th Avenue. Vehicles will be allowed to proceed northbound across the intersection, or eastbound on Broadway only. No westbound traffic movements from northbound Hilyard are permitted.  

Southbound Hilyard is closed at East Eighth Avenue, and only business access is permitted.  

Eastbound Broadway is restricted, with only eastbound traffic movements permitted.  

Westbound Broadway is also restricted at the intersection, with vehicles only permitted to turn onto northbound Hilyard.  

The break to the 20-inch cast iron water main occurred at approximately 2:30 a.m.  Crews hope to complete work by 8 p.m. Friday.