Riverfront redevelopment still holds promise

For more than a decade, EWEB has actively supported efforts to transform its largely vacant riverfront property into a vibrant, active, mixed use neighborhood. This property became available for re-use when EWEB moved about half its staff to a new operations center in west Eugene in 2010. EWEB customer service, administrative and other functions will remain in its headquarters building along the Willamette River.

Following adoption of a site master plan and City Council approval of new land use codes, EWEB solicited proposals from developers interested in the 17-acres of available property along the Willamette River.

Three highly-qualified development proposals were considered by commissioners in the fall of 2014. However, the developer ultimately selected by EWEB Commissioners – the University of Oregon Foundation – pulled out of the process in mid-May 2015.

EWEB remains optimistic about the potential for this redevelopment project to transform our downtown riverfront and create value for our customers and the greater community. The utility will continue to work with the City of Eugene and interested development partners to honor the community’s vision for a lively, inviting destination along the downtown riverfront.


A new vision for the downtown riverfront

Learn about the planning process and extensive community involvement that informed the creation of the EWEB Riverfront Master Plan, a framework that will guide future redevelopment of the property.

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