Loans & Grants For Water Service Line Replacement

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We might be able to help you with the unexpected expense of a catastrophic leak. Funds are limited, so loans and grants are processed on a first-come, first-served basis.

Service line replacement loan

When the water service line from your meter to your home bursts, it flows non-stop until fixed. We want to help you stop the gush of water from a broken service line as soon as possible. We offer up to a $5,000 zero-interest loan for water service line replacement. You must be a residential property owner and be receiving water services from us to qualify .

Download information about our residential service line replacement loan

Income-eligible leak repair assistance

We understand that fixing failed plumbing can be a challenge if you have a limited income. You must be a residential property owner in our water service area to qualify, and income eligibility is required. Call or send an e-mail to a water management specialist for more information.