Electric Service Upgrade Assistance Program

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Questions about getting started with a project and whether you qualify for a loan? 
Contact Distribution Engineering at 541-685-7521 or by email DistributionEngineering@eweb.org

For loan specific questions, email ems.loans@eweb.org

Considering a new electrical service or upgrade?

EWEB has a program for customers who need financial assistance with a service or upgrade. If you qualify, you may be eligible for the following:

Residential customers: up to a $5,000 zero-percent interest loan
Commercial customers: up to a $5,000 four-percent interest loan

Examples include:

  • Replacement of main electrical panel or meterbase due to load growth or failure.
  • Replacement of underground service lateral conductors that do not meet current specifications.
  • New services that require EWEB infrastructure to be installed or modified.

Program eligibility

  • Land or homeowners who are EWEB electric customers.

  • We require a program application with the land or homeowner's signature.

  • Loan approval is based on your EWEB credit history and credit report.  Loan amounts may vary based on approval credit.

Get started

Review some FAQs about EWEB loans.
Return the signed Electric Service Upgrade Program Application using one of the options below.

EWEB Attn: Distribution Engineering
P.O. Box 10148
Eugene, OR 97440-2148

Email: DistributionEngineering@eweb.org

Fax: 541-685-7521