February 07 2020

February 07, 2020

Three Reasons to Let Go of Range Anxiety

There are about a dozen models of electric vehicles on the US market today that offer at least 200 miles of range.

February 07 2020

February 07, 2020

My EV Story: Anthony's Used Nissan LEAF

We definitely wondered how having an EV would impact our electric bill, but the impact has been minimal.

February 07 2020

February 07, 2020

My EV Story: Bill's Tesla Model 3

I don't think we could ever go back to a gas car. It's quiet, much better for the environment, quick and responsive with virtually no maintenance.

February 05 2020

February 05, 2020

Powered by People Like Nadia

An organization is only as strong as its people. As is the case with someone who might characterize themselves as a 'learner,' Nadia finds the most difficult situations the most rewarding.

January 31 2020

January 31, 2020

Storing Water in Small Spaces

If you live in a small space, finding room for emergency water storaoge can be a challenge.