Installing ENERY STAR® replacement thermal windows

A home that is properly insulated and has high-performance windows installed will prevent energy waste and will help keep you comfortable throughout the year. EWEB's Weatherization program offers rebates or 0% interest loans for adding insulation and upgrading the windows in your home.

Customer benefits
  • Reduce heating and cooling bills
  • Increase home comfort
  • Increase property value
Eligibility requirements
  • EWEB customers with electric heat as their primary heating system (serving more than 50% of the conditioned area of the home).
  • Signature of the home owner is required on the Energy Management Services Program Application.
  • Loan approval is based on EWEB credit history and credit report, and loan amount may vary based on approved credit.
Tax credit

In addition to EWEB's rebates and loans, your weatherization project may also be eligible for a federal tax credit for consumer energy efficiency.

Find a contractor

After you have been approved for the program by EWEB, solicit bids from a participating:

Additional resources

Email EWEB's energy experts or call (541) 685-7000 for more information and to get started.