Commercial energy efficiency rebate programs

EWEB's streamlined rebates offer an easy way for you to get funding for common improvements in energy efficiency. Increase your profits by reducing energy waste with EWEB's commercial rebates.

Follow these steps
  1. Call EWEB at (541) 685-7000 or email us for rebate information and expert advice.
  2. Decide which rebates are right for you. Please note that rebates above $500 require pre-approval before installation. The maximum rebate amount is $2,500 and cannot exceed 70% of the total project cost.
  3. Complete one rebate application per facility (EWEB premise number) every 12 months.
  4. Install the energy efficient equipment.
  5. Send EWEB the required documentation and we'll send you a check.
Program eligibility

If your business has EWEB commercial (non-residential) electric service, then you are eligible to participate in EWEB's energy efficiency programs for business customers.

For contractors

Get all applications, instructions and worksheets necessary for helping EWEB's commercial customers increase their energy efficiency.

Custom incentive program

If you are working on a project resulting in a rebate of $1,500 or more, it may qualify for EWEB's custom incentive program. Call EWEB at (541) 685-7000 before you start working on your project to determine which path is right for you.

New construction

For new construction projects, contact an EWEB Energy Management Specialist at (541) 685-7000 or email us.

EWEB's commercial rebate programs

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Interior retrofit lighting

Retrofit lighting
Rebate items include retrofitting or replacing fluorescent fixtures with energy efficient lamps and ballasts, LED products, interior high-bays, efficient exterior fixtures, controls and more.

Program catalog/rebate application

Heating, ventilation and air conditioning unit

Heating, ventilation and air conditioning (HVAC)
Equipment eligible for our Energy Smart rebates includes ductless heat pumps and heat pump water heaters.

Advanced rooftop control lite program

Ductless heat pump program

Heat pump water heater program

Packaged or split system program

Variable refrigerant flow program

Food service
Rebates for energy efficient food equipment include electric ovens, fryers, food holding cabinets and more.

Program catalog/rebate application

Commercial refrigeration
Rebate items include controls, gaskets, door auto closers, fan motors, refrigeration case lighting and more.

Program catalog/rebate application