Reading My Electric Meter

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You can read your meter if you want to know how much electricity you use to keep your home cozy. Once you know how to read your meter, you can track your conservation efforts.

Most electric meters in Eugene have a series of dials.
How to read your electric meter.

Most electric meters in Eugene have a series of dials that turn faster or slower depending upon electric demand. The dial meter does not show total electric used to date. So you need to compare beginning and ending readings. This is why Example 3 shows two readings.

Read the numbers shown by the pointer from left to right. When the pointer is between numbers, read the lower number. Note that every other dial turns in reverse as shown by the arrows as pictured.

Reading A shows 35721

Reading B shows 38190

Subtract Reading A from Reading B to learn how many kilowatt hours (kWh) were used: 38190 - 35721 = 2,469 kilowatt hours

Digital electric meters

Some homes have a modern digital meter that shows total electricity used to date. Simply record the number on the display reading from left to right. Disregard the flashing screen of "8888" that alternates with your actual meter reading.  

Meter reading worksheet

You can use the printable meter reading worksheet to compare daily or weekly readings.