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Understanding Your Bill
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    Understanding Your Bill
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    Diagnosing Your Bill
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Time estimate: 5-10 minutes

Take a look at your bill to better understand the various components and charges. The amount due can be composed of different charges, one of them being the cost of your energy consumption. Consider the following while referring to the EWEB bill sample below:

  • Are you carrying a balance?
    The "Amount Due" on your bill is composed of the "Balance Forward" and "Current Charges." If you have a balance forward, your bill may include charges from more than your current billing period.

  • Are you looking at all the charges? 
    Your bill can carry charges for electricity, water, City of Eugene Wastewater and City of Eugene Stormwater. 

  • Is it a longer than usual billing period? 
    Under the 'Electric Detail" on your bill, it shows the current billing period. Billing cycles can vary in the number of days in the cycle. 

  • Are there additional charges on your bill?
    A loan charge, late fee, deposit or other charge may also be present on your bill. 

See a sample residential bill. 

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