Budget Billing Payment Plan

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Know what your bill will be each month with our Budget Billing plan

Our Budget Billing program helps you balance the seasonal highs and lows, making your monthly payments more predictable throughout the year.

To participate, your account must have a zero balance and a minimum of 12-months billing history at the address associated with your account. There is no cost to participate. The open enrollment period begins after you receive your April bill and continues through the end of June.  

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How it works

We estimate your average payment based on the previous 12 months actual usage on your account. The average is set as your monthly Budget Billing payment. We continue to read your meter(s) each month, but instead of paying varying amounts for actual usage, you are billed the average payment amount. 

You'll still know exactly how much water and electricity you've used. Your bill will show the actual consumption for each service, the actual account balance and the Budget Billing payment amount. Should you notice your actual charges have exceeded your Budget Billing payment you may contact customer service to discuss potentially increasing your monthly amount.

You are responsible for watching your monthly bills and notifying us of any household changes or consumption increases on your account. We may periodically review your account to see if there is a need to increase your Budget Billing payment amount. 

Each spring, we evaluate your account. If the total of your actual charges is higher than your monthly Budget Billing payments, you will receive a "true up" bill. This bill will include all charges for the energy and water you used, and must be paid in full prior to resuming Budget Billing for the next program year.

If the total of your actual charges is lower than your Budget Billing payments, we may automatically roll your plan over and adjust your average payment for the next program year.

Program Enrollment

Call EWEB Customer Service at 541-685-7000 for more information, or to enroll in EWEB's Budget Billing plan during the open enrollment period.