How your contributions make a difference in our community

A large portion of your Greenpower contribution goes toward local solar incentives, but are you curious about how that money is used? Here's a breakdown of how your contributions translate into the number of projects, carbon offsets and money saved from solar PV projects.

Man on roof with solar panels

In 2016, 130 solar PV projects were completed with an estimated kWh generation of over 890,000. This is enough electricity to power approximately 65 homes in our community. Here's a breakdown by customer:

Residential: 116 net metered projects completed with an estimated annual kWh generation of 488,490

Commercial: 12 net metered projects completed with an estimated annual kWh generation of 290,477 and two direct generation projects completed with an estimated annual kWh generation of 111,848

While electricity prices vary by customer and usage, using the medium general service and tier one (first 800 kWh) charges, we estimate approximately $60,000 in electricity savings for the customers who completed solar PV projects in 2016.

In addition to money saved, the renewable energy generated from solar PV projects help offset carbon emissions. The 890,000 kWh of electricity generated by solar PV projects is equivalent to almost 28,000 miles driven by an average vehicle or 3.7 tons of waste recycled instead of landfilled. This Greenhouse Gas Equivalencies Calculator shows more how the reduction of carbon dioxide emissions translates into everyday measurements.

Thank you again to all of you - our Greenpower customers - for your support of solar incentives, which in turn makes a direct difference in our local community.