NuNaturals joins other local 100% Greenpower business partners

NuNaturals joins more than 60 other local businesses in support of the EWEB Greenpower program as a 100 percent business partner. All 100 percent business partners voluntarily pay an extra penny per kilowatt-hour of electricity used each month. As a token of our appreciation for their support, we provide them with the following benefits: 

  • Link to business and rotaing web feature on EWEB's website
  • Promotion in EWEB's social media channels
  • Point of purchase display for use at business
  • Greenpower logo for use on business' website

We are excited to have NuNaturals as our most recent 100 percent business partner!

Staff at NuNaturals in front of banner

Jake Sablosky and his parents, Warren and Paula, have operated their family business, NuNaturals, for more than 27 years. The business began in 1989 when Warren and Paula made their first product, "Earth Ice," before expanding to other natural products. Since then, NuNaturals has continued on its mission of "Helping to Keep You Well," by offering a wide selection of all natural, plant-based sweeteners, baking ingredients and dietary supplements.

Fast-forward to 2017, when the family decided to support the EWEB Greenpower program as a 100% business partner.

"We chose EWEB Greenpower because we wanted to do our part to support local green initiatives," says Jake, vice president of business development. 

As a 100 percent EWEB Greenpower business partner, NuNaturals pays an extra penny per kilowatt-hour of electricity used each month. These contributions help support research, education and projects that advance renewable energy, including EWEB customer incentives for solar energy installations.

Participation in EWEB Greenpower is only one way NuNaturals contributes to an efficient, sustainable workplace. They are mindful about recycling at their headquarters by repurposing used one-sided pieces of paper to make notepads. The packing peanuts used in shipping are made of compostable vegetable starch, and the cardboard boxes are reused whenever possible. Recently, they have also switched from fluorescent lighting to energy efficient LEDs throughout their entire facility.

"Our core purpose has always been 'helping keep you well', and we believe this extends to our community and planet," says Jake. "EWEB Greenpower allows us to help protect the environment, support local solar energy projects, invest in our local economy, and support projects that advance renewable energy."