Planned Water Outages

Planned water outages

Just as your household invests in home maintenance and improvements, EWEB is making community investments to prepare, replace and maintain the water system. Learn more about EWEB's Water Reliability Initiative

Utility work ahead
Utility work advisories

You can check on planned utility work in the EWEB service area to avoid traffic delays due to construction activity.

If crews need to shut your water off or block your driveway access to complete work, they will notify you directly ahead of time.

You can find information about other traffic delays from the city of Eugene road work advisories.

July water construction projects:

Whiteaker St./Nectar Way  Replacing water main and services.

Saratoga Installing an 8" water line and electric conduits in a joint trench.

Blanton Rd EWEB crews will be working on the water line.

Chambers, 11th - 13th EWEB crews will be replacing the water main and services.

Garden Ave, Moss St. - Walnut St. EWEB crews will be replacing long side water services ahead of the City of Eugene summer paving project.

City Riverfront (old EWEB site) 8th / Hilyard  EWEB crews will begin contructing a water main tap on the existing transmission water main near the 8th/Hilyard intersection in preparation of a new transmission water main that will be contructed by an EWEB contractor.

E. 19th Ave, Agate to Villard  EWEB crews will be replacing the water mains and water services.