Steps to Request New or Temporary Service

1: Obtain a building permit

The first step in getting new electric or water service or changing or upgrading your current electric or water service is to apply for a building permit:

2: Complete new service form

Once your building permit has been issued, complete our new service request form.  

If you are requesting water service, please attach a backflow requirements letter to your new service request.  

If you request a meter 1 1/2 inches and larger, you will receive a backflow requirements plans letter from a water engineering technician.

After we have verified all of the information provided on your request, you will receive a call from one of our engineering technicians within two business days.  

You may also call us at 541-685-7086 to request your new or temporary service.  

3: Create a design

We will work with you to create an electric service design. We have to approve the project before work can begin, and payment must be received before water or electric services can be connected.

4: Install approved materials

Be sure to call 811 or submit a request to locate underground utilities at least two business days before you plan to trench or excavate. 

To pass inspection, follow EWEB's design standards and install materials that are approved for use:

You must discuss any changes to the design with the EWEB engineering technicians assigned to your project. Your service will not be connected if there are changes to the original design without EWEB approval.

5: Call for electrical inspection

For electric service you must get an electrical inspection:

  • The City of Eugene inspector will notify us when the electrical inspection is approved
  • Upon approval from Lane County, you need to call us at 541-685-7457

EWEB must inspect your trench, conduit and service conductor prior to you backfilling your trench. Call 541-685-7457 to schedule the inspection at least two days before backfilling.

  • If the electrical inspection is approved prior to the EWEB inspection, your service will be connected at that time.
  • If the electrical inspection is not approved prior to the EWEB inspection, your service will be connected once we are notified of City or County approval.  

6: Call for backflow preventer test

If your project includes water uses that require backflow protection you must install a backflow preventer and then call a State of Oregon certified tester to perform a backflow preventer test. The tester must submit test results to EWEB with 10 days of the test.

  • The City of Eugene requires a plumbing permit for installation of a backflow prevention assembly.

EWEB will inspect the installation to make sure it conforms to EWEB backflow installation standards. Call 541-685-7595 during business hours if you want us to send you a copy of the standards.