Hayden Bridge Filrattion employee smiling in front of plant
Tests show McKenzie-Willamette Water Quality Similar

EWEB has been taking water samples at the Willamette River intake location since 2013, and has tested for more than 260 different substances. Results show that water quality in the confluence area is very similar to the McKenzie River intake location just five miles away. We will continue water quality analysis and develop a source protection plan that leverages partnerships with local conservation groups to protect and enhance water quality in this stretch of the river. 

The new filtration plant will use a four-step, multi-barrier process to ensure that drinking water produced at the new facility meets the same high standards for taste and quality that we currently deliver. Ozone treatment will be a new process at the filtration plant.  Widely used at other modern facilities, ozone adds another layer of safety during treatment, while reducing the amount of chlorine used for purification. 

Intake site at Willamette River