Electricity Supply Planning

Electricity Supply Planning helps utilities understand the resources, technology, and infrastructure that will be needed to meet customers' future electricity needs. 

Questions to explore include:

  • How will the demand for electricity change over time?
  • What risks does EWEB need to plan for and mitigate?
  • What products and services will customers expect?
  • What investments are needed?
  • How can we partner with others across the region to optimize the interconnected electric grid?

Public Involvement

Creating our energy future is a team sport! We invite you to stay informed and involved by:

Meetings and Events

DateEventMaterialsPublic Q&A
February 4, 2020 Board of Commissioners Meeting 2021 IRP Engagement Plan Memo N/A
February 5, 2020 Energy and Planning Public Presentation Presentation Slides
April 14, 2020 Board of Commissioners Public Workshop Coming Soon

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