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Solar Electric Program


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Program details

Our solar program allows you to produce clean, renewable energy in your home. You can receive up to $2,500 to fund your solar installation on your home or up to $12,500 to fund solar installation on your business. The solar program is funded by EWEB customers through voluntary Greenpower subscriptions. 

  • All solar electric system installations must go through the EWEB Solar Electric Program independent of incentive qualification.
  • The maximum net meter system size is 25 kW AC output.
  • An EWEB Power Purchase Agreement must be submitted and approved prior to system installation.
  • Inverters and modules must appear on the qualified equipment lists here.
  • The generation will be calculated at the current annual rate schedule (2022 Renewable Net-Metered Rate is $0.0693 per kWh; 2022 Annual Renewable Generation Rate is $0.0693 per kWh).
  • There should be no instance where the battery is able to dispatch onto EWEB's electric distribution system.
  • EWEB Policies and Procedures can be found here.

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