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Smart Meter Opt-out Program

EWEB has created an opt-out program for customers who do not want to receive smart meter benefits. 

In order to opt-out, you must be the account holder at the address in question. An account holder's preference applies to all services on the account. Customers who opt-out, will not be able to receive advanced services that require communicating electric and/or water meters. Advanced services include water leak detection, automatic power outage notification,  as well as access to more detailed consumption information and new pricing plans in the future. 

To opt-out of advanced services, please contact Customer Service in one of the following ways:

The opt-out preference is tied to a specific account. If you move to another address within EWEB's service territory, you will need to make a new opt-out request. If your preference changes, please notify EWEB so we can update your account accordingly.

Common Questions

Will I have to pay more if I opt-out?

At this time, EWEB will not charge opt-out customers any additional fees. Once meters are upgraded throughout our service territory and we better understand the actual costs of manually reading meters for a small group of customers, additional fees may apply to recover those costs.

If I opt-out, can I keep the old meter?

We will install new meters for customers who have opted out, but the new meter will be set to a non-communicating mode.

Customers who choose to opt-out of advanced services will receive new meter(s) with the radio disabled through a setting within the meter's operation. With the radio turned off, the meter is unable to send usage data to EWEB's network.