Water Reliability Projects

EWEB has been working for several years on water reliability projects to ensure safe, reliable water continues to flow in our community. In addition to programs aimed at protecting water at the source, we are renovating the Hayden Bridge Water Filtration Plant, investing in our existing infrastructure, including replacing water mains and improving water pump stations, and developing neighborhood emergency water stations.  

Settling basins at Hayden Bridge Water Filtration Plant
Our community is investing in water

Just as your household invests in an emergency kit, EWEB is making investments to prepare, replace and maintain our community's water system.

Emergency Water Stations

We are working with community partners to develop an emergency water supply program that includes several permanent distribution sites located throughout the community using groundwater wells, as well as mobile water trailers. As of January 2021, five sites are operational:

  • Prairie Mountain School - 5305 Royal Ave.
  • Howard Elementary School - 700 Howard Ave.
  • Eugene Science Center - 2300 Leo Harris Parkway
  • Lane Events Center/Fairgrounds - 796 W 13th Ave.
  • Sheldon Fire Station - 2435 Willakenzie Rd.

Two additional sites are planned—near Churchill High School and near Roosevelt Middle School.

If disaster strikes our community's water system and you need to obtain water from one of these distribution sites, you will need to bring your own storage containers and treat the water prior to consuming. Do not use untreated water for drinking, cooking, washing dishes or brushing teeth.

Untreated water may have disease-causing organisms present in the water, EWEB recommends boiling water or disenfecting with bleach prior to consumption.   Learn how to prepare water containers and treat water.

Map of Eugene with emergency water sites marked

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Water Storage Tank Improvement Projects

In the next decade, we plan significant upgrades to the existing water storage systems at EWEB's College Hill and Hawkins Hill sites, and a new water storage facility near East 40th Avenue and Donald Street. The proposed projects will be built to seismic and contemporary operating standards, providing more than 40 million gallons of resilient, safe water storage.

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Filtration Plant Improvements

We have invested more than $30 million upgrading, expanding and renovating our Hayden Bridge Water Filtration Plant. Over the past ten years, we have completed a series of seismic upgrades to the plant, including reinforcing basin walls and filter buildings and disconnecting an old flume from the filtration building. In early December 2019, we changed the way we disinfect drinking water, switching from chlorine gas to a liquid chlorine bleach that is manufactured on-site at our Hayden Bridge Filtration Plant. The new system, which uses coarse salt, water and electrolytic conversion to make sodium hypochlorite (bleach), allows us to store enough salt at the filtration plant to last three months. Read more.