Electric resource portfolio
EWEB's power resources (by supplier) in 2012*
EWEB's power resources by supplier

EWEB's power resources (by type) in 2012**
EWEB's power resources by type

*Percentages are rounded up to the nearest tenth.
**Source: EWEB and the Bonneville Power Administration.

EWEB's long-term power purchase contracts

See details about EWEB's long-term contracts.

EWEB's Renewable Portfolio Standard Compliance Report

In 2007, the state of Oregon enacted Senate Bill 838 – the Oregon Renewable Energy Act. The act created a Renewable Portfolio Standard (RPS) that all Oregon electric utilities must follow. The purpose of the RPS is to decrease Oregon utilities' reliance on fossil fuels for electric generation and increase their use of renewable energy sources including biomass, geothermal, hydropower, solar and wind. As illustrated above, EWEB's power portfolio is overwhelmingly made up of renewable resources. Therefore, we already exceeds the targets.

The bill also mandates that utilities, including EWEB, publish an annual compliance report. Read more about the Oregon RPS

Resource portfolio comparison

Use Oregon Department of Energy's online tool to learn more about Oregon's resources overall, and how consumer-owned utilities like EWEB differ from private investor-owned utilities.