Harvest Wind Project
Harvest Wind Project
Location: East end of Columbia River Gorge
Nearest Town: Goldendale, WA
Capacity: 20 MW EWEB/99 MW TOTAL
Date built: 2009

EWEB's newest source of wind power, the Harvest Wind project, is located 20 miles east of Goldendale, Wash., just a few miles north of the Columbia River. The project was completed in December 2009 and features 43 wind turbines that can collectively generate almost 100 megawatts of electricity. EWEB owns 20% of the project.

Project co-owners include Cowlitz Public Utility District, Peninsula Light Company and Lakeview Green Energy, all of Washington.

Power generated by Harvest Wind will be delivered to the Bonneville Power Administration's transmission grid for south-central Washington. EWEB initially plans to sell its share of the output on the wholesale market, and in later years will use the output to supply its customers in Lane County.

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