Modernization Program

We're working on several important modernization efforts that will deliver new and upgraded services to customers. Two of the most significant projects are implementation of a new Customer Information System, and deployment of advanced electric and water meters.

Customer Information System

Our new Customer Information System will provide significantly improved online self-service to customers, including an online consumption portal for customers that have advanced meters. The new system will be live in 2020.  

Advanced meters

Advanced electric and water meters give customers the option to manage and monitor your utility bills, and take advantage of other features such as water leak detection, automated outage detection and reporting, remote move-in and move-out, and other services. As of January 2018, EWEB has installed approximately 4,000 advanced electric meters and 800 water meters. Our goal is to replace all traditional analog meters with advanced communicating meters over an eight year period. Customers can choose whether your meter communicates with EWEB or not. Customers who elect to have EWEB disable the communication functionality will not have access to advanced services such as automatic outage detection.