Leaburg Dam repair project
Leaburg Dam

The first phase of an EWEB repair project at the Leaburg Dam is nearly complete. The road across the dam is subject to intermittent construction-related closures. During the closures, no vehicle or pedestrian traffic will be allowed to cross the dam.

Why repairs are necessary

The Leaburg Dam features three roll gates, which regulate the volume of water spilled from the dam. The motor that controls the No. 2 roll gate failed in early 2012. An EWEB contractor has installed a new motor and gear box to operate the gate, which will become fully operational in mid-January 2015. A second roll gate -- the one nearest Highway 126 -- failed in December 2014. Plans are underway to replace the motor that operates the No. 1 gate by the end of 2015.

Work plan

EWEB intends to install a new motor and gear box for the No. 1 roll gate beginning in late spring 2015. Prior to that installation, EWEB must erect a bulkhead immediately upstream of the No. 1 roll gate in order to isolate it from Leaburg Lake. The bulkhead structure will allow EWEB and its contractor to open and inspect the No. 1 roll gate safely and without causing the sudden drainage of Leaburg Lake.

Emergency planning

EWEB is working in partnership with McKenzie Fire & Rescue to stage emergency vehicles on the east side of the dam to respond to emergencies during multi-day closures. Should a life-threatening emergency occur during a closure period, EWEB and its contractor will clear the dam as quickly as possible.

Check back for more details

EWEB has placed a digital message board near the dam to alert those driving on Highway 126 of specific closure dates.