Education links

The following websites also provide teachers, students and the general public with educational information about energy and water resources.

Articles on electricity

Seventeen problems that prevent students from understanding electricity and some activities that can help solve these problems.

Electricity experiments

Elementary electricity experiments from the Exploratorium.


Electrochemistry experiments for middle and high school students.

Electrostatic motor

This web site provides high school students with the directions to create their own electrostatic motor from plastic soda bottles and create electrostatic forces to spin the motor.

Simple motor

Lesson plans and instructions for constructing the simple motor.

Energy education
Development of energy

Milestones in the history of energy and human uses for these energy resources

National Geographic

General energy consumption information

California Energy Commission

Great kids page to explore the world of energy with the California Energy Commission

Renewable energy
Dr. E's Energy Lab

A fun kids page to explore renewable energy, offering information, games and activities

Lesson plans

Elementary, middle and high school lesson plans on renewable energy


The Geothermal Education Office offers information resources as well as classroom materials

American Wind Energy Association

The American Wind Energy Association site offers many information resources on wind energy

Renewable Northwest Project

Information on Northwest renewable projects and news from this non-profit advocacy group


Plans and kits to make your own wind turbine and solar cooker


The Foundation for Energy and Water Education (FWEE) maintains an extensive site on all aspects of hydropower

Solar Access

Solar education and news resources

Water education
Water science for schools

Learn about the science of water at this USGS site

McKenzie Watershed Council

Learn about the McKenzie River and what the council is doing in the watershed that is the source of Eugene's drinking water

Water Education Foundation

Resources for teachers, information on school programs

California Energy Commission
Environmental Education
Yahoo Solar Links
Green Power Network
Energy links for students
Energy links for teachers
National Sustainable Energy Organizations
Solar links
Salmon links
Hydropower links