Facility Extension or Modification

If you are starting a new project where electric or water facilities need to be extended to your development, we want to help you through this process. 

  • Water facility: please email (waterengineeringtechnicians@eweb.org) or call us at 541-685-7377.

  • Electric facility:  please email (distributionengineering@eweb.org) or call us at 541-685-7521 .
Electric service extension or modification

1. Start your project

  • Provide us with basic project information for a residential or commercial project by recording a message on our electric distribution project phone-line at 541-685-7521 or send the info in an email.
  • One of our engineering technicians will return your inquiry within one business day.
  • We commit design resources and delivery schedule based on a first-come, first-served basis after receiving all necessary forms and any requested project information.
  • If necessary an EWEB engineering technician will meet you at your project site. 
  • Upon request, EWEB will provide a free high-level estimate of the total cost (design plus construction) to extend or modify the service.
  • After receiving the estimate, you will need to sign an Electric Extension and Modification Agreement and pay ten percent of the estimated cost or $500, whichever is greater, to initiate a full design by EWEB. You will also need to provide a complete electric service information form (residential or commercial), along with other needed project documentation; including CAD files.

Email (distributionengineering@eweb.org)
Mail: Attn: Distribution Services, PO Box 10148, Eugene OR 97440

2: Design

  • Our engineering technician works with you and other agencies to create electric design iteratively including EWEB standards, codes, (potential) easements, available infrastructure, and site constraints. This includes input from other permitting authorities and easement procurement. The design process typically takes 30 to 90 days depending on project complexity, property easements, permitting, and design iterations.
  • Our engineering technician will apply for EWEB-related permits and begins researching easement needs.
  • We will provide you with a final electric design, including EWEB project costs that are valid for 30 days.
  • Upon receiving the project costs, you may choose whether or not to proceed with the project. If you proceed, you must pay the final cost minus the initial upfront payment. Should you choose not to proceed with your project, EWEB will reimburse any funds owed based on the upfront payment minus the actual cost of design.
  • You can use final design to obtain bids from contractors for customer-required construction. 

3: Pre-construction

  • You are responsible for EWEB's costs associated with the project.  Your project is entered into our work queue after we receive your payment and signed electric extension/modification agreement.
  • You or your contractor are responsible for obtaining all necessary permits to cover project work.
  • Our engineering technician will work with you or your contractor to obtain required easements.
  • Before moving to the next step, our engineering technician needs to receive approved permits and recorded easements. 

4: Construction

  • Our engineering technician will meet with with you and/or your contractor for a pre-construction meeting to review project design, project timeline, EWEB construction requirements and EWEB standards.
  • You or your contractor provides a timeline when customer-construction will be completed.
  • Electric facilities are installed by your contractor to meet EWEB Electric and Construction Standards.
  • You or your contractor coordinates with our engineering technician to inspect customer/contractor-installed electric facilities periodically during construction.
  • If applicable, you receive approved inspection from other permitting authorities.
  • Once the project passes EWEB and other jurisdictional inspections, your project is entered into our work queue. You or your contractor will work with our electric operations staff to schedule and coordinate EWEB-related construction.