EWEB Greenpower Grant program
Adams Elementary School students celebrate winning a $100,000 Greenpower grant to fund a solar thermal and photovoltaic system

Since 2007, thousands of EWEB customers have chosen to support clean renewable energy and the environment through their participation in EWEB's Greenpower program. EWEB's grant program is part of its effort to reinvest Greenpower funding back into the community.

The EWEB Greenpower Grant program is designed to fund high-impact projects and programs that drive advancements in renewable energy for local customers, with emphasis on EWEB products, resources and priorities.

EWEB Greenpower customers vote to determine which nonprofit organization's renewable energy projects will receive the two annual grants for up to $50,000 each.

Grants are open to:

  • Tax-exempt 501(c)(3) organizations
  • Academic institutions
  • Government and other public agencies
2014 Greenpower Grant

The Eugene Hearing & Speech Center and Relief Nursery each won a 2014 Greenpower Grant of up to $50,000. Read all of the 2014 finalists' applications

Previous Greenpower Grant winners
Previous Grant winners' proposals

Email EWEB's Greenpower team or call (541) 685-7000 for more information.