Water conservation rebates
girl running through the sprinklers

EWEB offers rebates for sprinkler timers and high efficiency toilets.

Sprinkler timer rebates

A watering system that shuts itself off automatically is convenient and efficient, whether you water with an underground sprinkler system, a drip-irrigation system or a hose-end sprinkler. EWEB customers can get cash rebates for certain types of timers.

Download the application to request a timer rebate

Toilet rebates

EWEB offers rebates for EPA WaterSense-labeled high efficiency toilets. The new toilet must be replacing an existing toilet that uses more than 1.28 gallons.

Please note that rebates will be processed on a first-come, first-served basis until 2015 funds are depleted.

EWEB offers a $35 rebate for the first WaterSense labeled toilet and a $15 rebate for each additional toilet.

Download the 2015 WaterSense toilet rebate application

If replacing more than five toilets with WaterSense labeled toilets, please call EWEB's Water Conservation Services at (541) 685-7441 to confirm funds are available.


Email EWEB's Water Conservation Services or call (541) 685-7000 for more information.