Wholesale Power Sales & Services

As a utility, EWEB utilizes the wholesale market to balance resource output with customer needs. As such, EWEB may, from time-to-time, have surplus wholesale electric energy to sell. In addition to internal management, EWEB provides wholesale trading and scheduling services for external parties looking to balance their portfolio.

For information regarding surplus wholesale electric energy sales or wholesale energy trading services, please find helpful contacts below. 

Trading and Services

Realtime: 541-685-7555

  • Hourly trading and scheduling for current day

Short Term: 541-685-7556

  • Trading (day ahead to plus one month)
  • Loss return and scheduling services

Mid Term: 541-685-7446

  • Energy trading (plus two months to five years)
  • REC trading

Planning: email 250section@eweb.org

  • Structured power contracts
  • Resource acquisition


Scheduling: 541-685-7558

  • Day ahead scheduling

Credits and Settlements

Credit: email anna.wade@eweb.org

  • Counterparty and credit support

Settlement: 541-685-7190

  • After-the-fact settlement